Hometown Healthcare Brought To You By Hometown Providers
Foster County Medical Center

820 5th Street North

Carrington, ND  58421

Local Phone:  701-652-2515

Toll Free:  1-800-532-8623

Clinic Hours:

Monday thru Friday 7:30 am – 5:30 pm


Provider Schedule

Monday- Dr. Page (P.M.), Dr. Geier (A.M.),  Mary Hoff, Jacqui Nelson, Brad Hoff

Tuesday- Dr. Page, Dr. Geier,  Mary Hoff, Jacqui Nelson (A.M.), Brad Hoff

Wednesday- Dr. Page, Dr. Geier, Mary Hoff (P.M.), Jacqui Nelson (A.M.), Brad Hoff

Thursday- Dr. Page,  Mary Hoff, Jacqui Nelson, Brad Hoff

Friday- Dr. Geier, Mary Hoff, Jacqui Nelson (P.M.), Brad Hoff


Saturday Walk In Clinic:

Saturday mornings from 9 AM to 12 Noon in Carrington


Staffed by the Doctor on call.


Please bring a list of your medications to this clinic or put your medications in a sack and bring them with you.  It is important to your HEALTH that our records are up to date.


Check in at the Foster County Medical Center . . . no appointments necessary.  You may want to call ahead and let the clinic know you are coming so we can have your chart available and give you faster service.

Community Health Center, New Rockford

118 1st St S

New Rockford, ND 58356

Phone: 701-947-2021


Clinic Hours:

Monday thru Wednesday 9 am – 4:30 pm

Thursday & Friday 9:00 am – noon


Provider Schedule

Monday A.M.- Dr. Page

Monday P.M.- Dr. Geier

Tuesday A.M.- Brad Hoff   PA-C

Tuesday P.M.- Jacqui Nelson  PA-C

Wednesday A.M.- Mary Hoff  PA-C

Wednesday P.M.- Jacqui Nelson  PA-C

Thursday A.M.- Dr. Geier

Friday A.M.-  Jacqui Nelson  PA-C



Clinic Phone Nurse


Phone Nurse Direct Number:      701-652-7223

Toll Free Number:                          801-532-8623 – ask for the phone nurse office


The “Phone Nurse” is a service that provides a link to your Physician or Physician’s Assistant.  It is staffed by a clinic nurse Monday through Friday from 8:15 AM to 4:30 PM.


Why do I call the Phone Nurse?

  • To relay a message to my Physician or Physician’s Assistant
  • Obtain basic health or medical advice
  • Request a medication refill


What happens when I call for advice?

  • The phone nurse will ask you some basic details.
  • She will then ask question about your symptoms and other issues relating to your health.
  • The phone nurse may suggest ways you can care for yourself, or she may need to review your symptoms with your Physician or Physician’s    Assistant.
  • After review with your Physician or Physician’s Assistant, the phone nurse will call you back with specific instructions from your Physician or Physician’s Assistant.
  • All information is documented in your chart and kept confidential.


What happens if I call for a medication refill?

  1. It is advised to FIRST call your pharmacy.  Your pharmacist will fax a “medication renewal request” directly to our clinic. This helps ensure that we are ordering the correct medication and dose that you are currently on.
  2. After receiving the request, your chart is obtained and your Physician or Physician’s Assistant will review your chart and authorize refills if appropriate.
  3. Once a refill is authorized the phone nurse will communicate the request with your pharmacist.
  4. Please note the following exceptions or delays:
  • Due to the high volume of requests, please allow 3 business days for a refill of a medication.
  • If your Physician or Physician’s Assistant is out of the office up to two business days, your request is not processed until he/she returns.
  • If your Physician or Physician’s Assistant is out of the office for more than two business days, your request will be forwarded to the “on-call” provider for approval.
  • This process may be delayed if your request is not authorized or quantity is limited due to certain circumstances, such as:  additional lab required, recheck appointment is necessary, etc.  In these circumstances, the phone nurse will notify you, or you may receive the message from your pharmacist for further instructions.


What if I reach the answering service?

  • Only messages that do not require immediate attention should be left on the messaging system.
  • Closely listen to the message – every effort is made to staff the phone nurse office on a full time basis, but this is not always possible.
  • Often there is a high call volume, if the phone nurse is on with another patient; the phone system will transfer you to the voice mailbox.  You are encouraged to leave a message and you will receive a return phone call, as soon as possible.



You, or the party of concern, have chest pain, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, severe bleeding or injury, poison ingestion, seizure, loss of vision or any other life threatening problem, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.