Cardiac Rehab

The outpatient Cardiac Rehab program began at Carrington Health Center in November 1993.  Currently, the department averages approximately 130 visits per month.  At any given time, about 12 people exercise two to three times per week in our program.  Annually, approximately 40 patients go through the outpatient program.  Equipment includes a treadmill, air dyne bikes, arm ergometers, NuStep recumbent cross trainer, free weights, and a heart monitor.

Cardiac Rehab includes education about heart disease, and how to cope with this physical and psychological manifestations.  The Cardiac Rehab program is designed to help recondition and improve the function of the heart muscle, and to help the cardiac patient return home to an active lifestyle.  Cardiac Rehab is a three phase program at Carrington Health Center

  • Phase I (Inpatient Program) is for patients who have had a heart attack and they are evaluated for their ability to tolerate activity. Patients and their families are instructed in appropriate exercises and activities to participate in when they return home.
  • Phase II (Outpatient) is the heart program for those patients with a recent heart attack, coronary bypass, or angioplasty/stent placement, which have returned home. They can start a progressive activity program, which is supervised and monitored. This phase is usually paid for by the insurance company. The emphasis is on identifying personal cardiac risk factors, and patients are encouraged to make positive lifestyle changes in the areas of diet, exercise, stress reduction, etc.  These patients usually attend two to three times per week for about one to two months.
  • Phase III (Outpatient) is the ongoing exercise program for those at risk for heart disease as well as those who continue in the program after phase II. Individuals participate in exercise at their own pace in a supervised setting.

Cardiac Stress Testing

Carrington Health Center has offered the service of treadmill stress tests for over 20 years.  A stress test is a stress electrocardiogram recording while the individual walks on a treadmill.  This exam helps the physician evaluate the cause of chest pain or other complaints.  A physician or physicians assistant is present while the test is being performed.  CHC offers several types of stress testing those with or without nuclear imaging.  A cardiolite stress test includes the use of a tracer (small amount or radioactive material) and a camera scans the heart in order to check blood flow to the heart muscle.  If the individual cannot exercise, a medication is used to substitute for the treadmill.  CHC has offered the services of the stress test with nuclear imaging since 1995.

Carrington Health Center averages 30 stress tests per month, approximately half of them cardiolite stress tests.  All physicians in our facility are involved with the administration of the stress test offered.  The stress testing department has and will continue to be a necessary part of the diagnostic functions of our facility.

Cardiac Rehab Support Group

The Cardiac Rehab Support Group meets the last Tuesday of each month. Please contact the Cardiac Rehab Department for details on time and place of meeting.

For more information on the department or services provided, please call Carmen, RN at 701-652-7174 or 1-800-532-8623.